Keep on the Shadowfell: Session 1

August 26th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink


Our heros meet, the DM learns a thing or two and all hell breaks loose.

The Players

Tevar – Elven Ranger, unaligned, worships Melora

Hank Darkmagic – Eladrin Wizard, good, worships Avandra

Kurig – Dwarf Paladin, unaligned, worships Kord

Beardo the Bearded – Dwarf Cleric, unaligned, worships Erathis

Ix – Tiefling Rogue, unaligned, worships Ioun

The Encounter

“On The Road: Kobold Brigands”


First encounter for the group!

Beardo jumped on some dead Kobolds. He was mad because they had trampled graves of fallen adventurers, apparently a no-no with dwarves?

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