Keep on the Shadowfell: Session 2

September 9th, 2008 § 0 comments § permalink


Our heros rest up, pack up and get jumped by yet another band of Kobolds.

The Players

Tevar – Elven Ranger, unaligned, worships Melora

Hank Darkmagic – Eladrin Wizard, good, worships Avandra

Kurig – Dwarf Paladin, unaligned, worships Kord

Beardo the Bearded – Dwarf Cleric, unaligned, worships Erathis

Ix – Tiefling Rogue, unaligned, worships Ioun

The Encounter

Ad hoc encounter, set up to make an easy transition to Winterhaven based on time we had to play the game that night.


What did happen during this session?

Where am I?

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