Keep on the Shadowfell: Session 8

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The Summary

Our heros find their way back to Winterhaven after besting Iron Tooth and his band of kobolds and other riff raff. They’re hoping to meet up with Douven Stahl, stock up on supplies and milk the locals for more information about the Keep.

The Players

Tevar – Elven Ranger, unaligned, worships Melora

Hank Darkmagic – Eladrin Wizard, good, worships Avandra

Kurig – Dwarf Paladin, unaligned, worships Kord

Beardo the Bearded – Dwarf Bard, unaligned, worships Erathis

Dralek – Halfling Rogue, Chaotic-Neutral*, worships

The Encounter

“Interlude Two: Shadow of the Keep”

Back in Winterhaven, the group noticed things had changed a bit. The outdoor market wasn’t happening and folks were scurrying about as if they could actually smell the stench from the rotting kobold hand Kurig was carrying in his knapsack. They approached the entrance to Lord Padraig’s quarters and were stopped by the guards, who promptly made fun of Dralek’s size and the party’s overall demeanor. However, they were soon greated by Padraig who reluctantly gave them 100 gp for completing the mission and slaughtering the kobold’s and Iron Tooh. After the gold was divvied up and the party split up to run errands, Hank began suspecting that the shares of the gold were not in fact divided equally. He’s still scratching his head about that one.

After presenting the kobold hand to the local smithery, Kuring got his money back, as promised, for a shield he purchased. Meanwhile, Beardo (who recently became a Bard) bought a concertina and a war hammer from the local supply house and Dralek purchased a dagger and considered a lock pick set, but in the end figured he could probably steal one.

Back at Wrafton’s Tavern, Hank was buying rounds for locals to get them to talk, trying to find information on the missing Douven Stahl. Lots of folks were talking but few had answers that were worthwhile.

In the end it was Beardo who, after visiting the local alchemist, determined that they needed to go to the Keep and that Stahl wasn’t going to meet them anytime soon.

And with that, the party spent a drunken night in the tavern and awoke the next morning, somewhat fresh and half full of life, ready for the Keep.

“Area 1″

Approaching the Keep, the party sensed a change in things, and it wasn’t because we were out of pizza. There was a definite chill in the air and a smell of must; dungeon delving time! It had been a while since folks had killed anything so there was a pensive nervousness in the air as the party descended the stairs in the rubble of the keep. Folks quickly took their positions after noticing a goblin at the far end of the room where the stairs descended. After a couple of movements and attacks it was Dralek who discovered the rat swarm trap, by accident, unfortunately. It took him two rounds and some minor damage to get out but not before he was able to fling what was collectively called “rat slime grease” at most of the other party members.

Beardo took up position on the left flank as the party advanced towards the retreating goblin who had been joined by another goblin. After moving a thick velvet curtain, Beardo discovered a third goblin and at that point we called it a night as it was after 10:30 p.m. Overall, the beginnings of a good, solid encounter which we can hopefully wrap up this week.

Other Highlights

After not having played since 12/17/2008 it was high time to put the crew together and see if they still knew how to (a) play 4e and (b) kick some ass. We still have a member of our original party out (AM) but BB’s wife filled in, playing Hank Darkmagic as if she knew him all along. Yes, that means he stood by the wayside and didn’t take too much damage.

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