Session 3

May 11th, 2012 § 0 comments

Special thanks go to Jeff S. for writing this fantastic recap of our Clayfinder (Pathfinder) session.

I was planning (and had written about a third of) the recap as a diary entry from Aurumcarix, in which I recounted the events of the day as well as revealed a bit of my own past and such. But I’m too slow a writer. So here’s the bare-bones (“Hemingway-esque”) recap of the previous game night:

After our fight, Justin was the only one badly injured (forcing him to reconsider his “charge into battle naked” strategy), so the kindly Prince heals him. However, the effort of this — or perhaps the TERRIBLE EVIL MAGICAL VOID PRISON WE’RE IN — causes him to collapse to the ground in agony.  After he recovers, we head in the direction that Jon remembers the temple being in. Him memory tells true, and we find the enormous stone temple before us.

However, we are not alone.  A white-robed Drow elf (we discover later) emerges from the dark entry and tells us to “bring the key or face eternal damnation.” We have no idea what he’s talking about.  He disappears back into the temple and re-emerges  with two massive undead creatures in tow.  We quickly defeat them although Justin — once again naked and bloody — requires healing.  The Prince suffers another headache, which is worrying.

We enter the temple to find stairs leading up, as well as down. Despite Dom’s careful reasoning that up is down and down is up, evil is good and good is evil, we head upstairs only to find it blocked by a door.  The ghost of a long-dead defender of the temple tells us that MattBishop’s sword is the key (THE key? Or just A key?  We don’t know.)  We open the door and continue upwards.

Only to find.. Jon’s dad?  Alive?  What the crap?  They talk but I am confused. He didn’t die but Jon thought he did because of a dream?  We all think a little less of Jon now, frankly.

The key to freeing the ghosts and Jon’s not-dead-dad lies at the bottom of this temple, so we head back down.  We meet more skellingtons in a room downstairs and the fight begins anew!

And that’s where the night ended.

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