Session 4

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Special thanks go to Jesse H. for writing this fantastic recap of our Clayfinder (Pathfinder) session.

As the curtain rose on our heroes, Qunso the Albino Dynamo had been suggestively engorged to Large proportions by Carix’s prestidigitation.  The heroes were on the first level of the descent into the lower reaches of the inverted Dark Pyramid and faced with a pack of skeletons.  As Qunszilla stomped his way towards the monstrosities, Prince Derrik let loose a blast of holy whoop-ass that turned the undead on their heels.  Instantly, four of the skeletons took off running, through doors and down hallways, any directions they could so long as it was far from the group. As one of the skeletons ran from the room, Runebeard (I think, sorry to whomever if I got this wrong) sliced its spine in two and only the legs managed to beat a panicked retreat.  The skeletons’ exit opened a door into the next chamber where a second group of skeletons had been sitting politely and playing canasta.  When the fleeing three upended their card table, the canasties decided to take out their frustrations via arrow fire at the nearest target they could see.  Unfortunately for Qunszilla, the nearest visible target was the giant albino visible through the now-open doorway.  Two arrows fired off and easily found their mark.  Qunso fell to his knees on the verge of death, but was able to summon previously-unknown reserves of strength that brought him back from the brink.  It also made him glow slightly green, which only served to enhance the whole Qunszilla effect.

With new threats having announced their presence, the group set about moving into the other room.  Carix fired off a shot from his longbow that hit home.  Silas, Kasyc, Runebeard, Little Paw and Brother all moved into the next chamber easily.  As Qunszilla squeezed himself through the small doorway, the familiar strains of Pitwick’s hurdy-gurdy wound up behind them.  In the other room, Silas sprung into a rolling attack against one of the skeletons, deftly maneuvering himself so as to come face to bony face with his enemy.  Unfortunately, he forgot to swap his bow for his sword and found himself facing adversity with the wrong tools.  Brother tore into the monstrous enemies with claws and teeth, raking them with hit after hit as he and Runebeard teamed up.  Little Paw, on the other hand, searched the floor of the evil pyramid for anything even remotely related to leaves, dirt, or organic material – ultimately to no avail, though.  Prince Derrik stood tall and fired off bolts of lightning from the palm of his hand, causing electricity to arc again and again over the bones of one of the ghastly archers.

With a sudden blinding effect, a sphere of impenetrable darkness descended on the group.  Only Silas managed to be out of range.  Qunszilla lumbered forward, found the edge of the spell and then hollered for his compatriots to follow.  Others, like Pitwick, remained in the sphere, unfazed by the loss of sight.  The Prince wandered forward until he could see again and blasted a Bolt of Faith at one of the skeletal archers.  Crackles of light fractured the skeleton who exploded into a shower of bone fragments.  Moments later, the remaining skeletons dropped to the floor and the sphere of darkness faded from view.

In its absence, the group found itself spit: Pitwick and Carix were still in the first room while the rest of the party was in the second room.  Unfortunately for Pitwick and Carix, they weren’t alone.  The same foreboding Drow priest that had greeted them at the entrance to the temple stood behind Pitwick.

“Please stop playing.”  It wasn’t really a request.  Nevertheless, Pitwick seemed to consider the matter slowly, grinding the gurdy as he did so.

At the priest’s side was a contingent of three heavily-armed uglies.  All had their swords drawn and looked ready for battle.  “I mean you no harm,” intoned the Priest.  No one bought it.  Qunszilla quickly lumbered to one side of the doorway.  The Prince followed, taking up a flanking position on the other side of the doorway.  With a wave and a mumble of divine import, the Prince created a cloud of obscuring mist that spread out to cover everyone in a thick fog.  With cover now provided to Carix and Pitwick for an escape, the elven ambassador moved to enter the second room – only to find the considerable girth of Qunszilla blocking the door.  Carix squeezed past, but Pitwick simply repositioned himself on the other side of the doorway.

“Warrior of Carrelon (or whatever it actually was), drop this mist.”  Again, it didn’t seem like a request.  “I mean you no harm.”

“And yet you present yourself with swords drawn,” said the Prince through the fog.  “That does not speak of peace.”

“Are you wanting to test us?”  The threat was in direct odds to the Priest’s words of pacifism.  “Drop this fog, and I promise we won’t hurt you.”

The Prince debated for a moment, unable to see if Pitwick had left the room yet or not.  In time, he decided to dispell the cloud of mist and face their new threat.

“I have come to lead you to my master’s lord,” said the Priest once the cloud had faded. “He awaits you at the bottom of the tower.  I have come to give you safe passage directly to him.”

Something was fishy.  No one trusted his unctuous words.

“What if we don’t want to come with you,” asked Qunszilla.

“Then you will have to fight your way down to him anyway.”

“We could use the practice along the way,” Runebeard grumbled, tapping his blade against the palm of his hand for emphasis.

“And if we say no, will you kill us here?”

The Priest was stony-faced.  “No,” he said, but gave no other indications of safety.  At that moment, the three skeletons who had fled at the start of combat rounded the corner and came running back towards the heroes.  Having apparently completed a lap around the outside of the evil pyramid’s base, they were beginning their second lap when the three monsters was opportunistically cut down as they scrambled past our heroes.

Following the culling of the skeletons’ numbers, there was some brief deliberation amongst the group, though mostly it seemed to be about trusting whether or not the Priest would kill them all for saying “no, thank you.”  In the end, they declined the offer for “safe passage” and chose to go it alone through the lower levels of the temple.  The Priest and his well-armed minions withdrew and the group was left on their own to continue their explorations of the temple’s main floor.

At one side of the pyramid, Silas and Runebeard uncovered a hidden chamber.  Within the chamber, Silas discovered a number of offerings from the people of Qunso’s tribe.  There were shells which the tribe used for currency, a pouch of gold dust, and a magic ring of frost resistance. When he returned to the group, however, Silas stated that he hadn’t found anything.

Further explorations of the temple’s main level yielded little else than a mirrored layout from the side they had fought through previously.  With twin sets of double-doors as their only course of further progression, the group huddled together ready to descend another level as the curtain came down for the evening…

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